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New Project: The Correspondence of Edward Lhwyd

lhywdCultures of Knowledge is delighted to announce a new collaboration with Dr Brynley F. Roberts and the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies in Aberystwyth. The partnership features the letters of Edward Lhwyd, the second Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum and a prominent naturalist, archaeologist, and linguist, who corresponded extensively in English, French, Latin, and Welsh with a wide range of natural philosophers and antiquaries. Around 1,500 of his letters are known to survive (most among the holdings of the Bodleian Library), some 1,000 of which have already been indexed and transcribed by Dr Roberts. This valuable resource can now be completed and made accessible to international scholarship by means of an online calendar and, ultimately, a full digital edition. For further details on Edward Lhwyd and how his letters now feature in the Project, please see here.