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Seminar Podcasts Now Available!

podcasting_logoPodcasts of most of the papers in our 2010 and 2011 seminar series, ‘Cultures of Knowledge in Early Modern Europe’, are now available for playing  and download on the Project website. The international cast is glittering and the range of correspondence-related topics broad, so please do fire up your speakers and mobile devices. To hear last year’s papers, see the 2010 seminar page; to hear this year’s papers, see the 2011 seminar page. Happy listening!

Podcast: Oxford and the Royal Society

podcasting_logoA recent correspondence-related public lecture by our Martin Lister Research Fellow Dr Anna Marie Roos has now been published as a podcast. The lecture, which took place at Oxford’s Museum of the History of Science on Tuesday 26 October, was entitled ‘The Oxford Philosophical Society and the Royal Society: A Meeting of Minds?’, and described the formation of the Oxford group, the work done under the direction of Robert Plot, and its relationship with the Royal Society: a tale of collaboration as well as rivalry. The podcast is available for listening and downloading on the MHS website.

Poole Lectures Now Online

Further to this post, Dr William Poole‘s correspondence-related lectures at the Museum of the History of Science and the Oxford Bibliographical Society last month have now been published online. ‘The Chinaman and the Librarian: The Meeting of Shen Fuzong and Thomas Hyde in 1687′ is available in full-text on ORA, while ‘Oxford and the Royal Society in the Seventeenth Century’ is available as a podcast on the MHS website.

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