Digital Round Tables » 2010

Sharing Models, Tools, and Resources

Date: 9 March 2010
Venue: St Anne’s College, University of Oxford


Sharing data models

Exploring hard copy variants

The second round table allowed a wider range of invited participants to discuss the creation of unified standards for the collection, storage, and preservation of digitised letters, and mechanisms for ensuring that the systems, tools, and catalogues we are individually engaged in developing will be interoperable and sustainable in the longer term. The day concluded with a drinks reception in the Divinity School of the Bodleian Library celebrating the inaugural year of our Project, at which participants explored a display of analogue letters from the library’s extensive holdings.



SessionI: Introductions

8.30–8.50 Coffee and Informal Introductions [Seminar Room 9]

8.50–9.00 Welcome; Background; Workshop Rationale [Seminar Room 8]

Session II: Presentations [Seminar Room 8]

a) Activities: Projects and Centres

9.00–9.30 Presentation 1: Howard Hotson
Cultures of Knowledge: An Intellectual Geography of the Seventeenth-Century Republic of Letters (University of Oxford)

9.30–9.50 Presentation 2: Ronald Haentjens Dekker
Circulation of Knowledge and Learned Practices in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic: A Web-Based Humanities Collaboratory on Correspondences (CKCC) (Descartes Centre/KNAW/Huygens Institute)

9.50–10.10 Presentation 3: Nicole Coleman
Mapping the Republic of Letters: From Individual Scholarship to Large-Scale Collaboration (Stanford Humanities Center, Stanford University)

10.10–10.30 Presentation 4: Olaf Simons
Topographie der Gelehrtenrepublik (Forschungsbibliothek, Gotha)

10.30–10.50 Presentation 5: Jan Broadway and Matthew Symonds
Correspondence at CELL (Centre for Editing Lives and Letters, QMUL)

10.50–11.20 Tea, Coffee and Pastries (Seminar Room 9)

b) Resources: Repositories and Museums [Seminar Room 8]

11.20–11.40 Presentation 6: Franco Giudice
Update of the National Edition of the Works of Galileo Galilei: Galileo’s Correspondence (University of Bergamo/IMSS Florence)

11.40–12.00 Presentation 7: Ivan Boserup
Correspondences/DK, with an Appendix (The Royal Library, Copenhagen)

12.00–12.20 Presentation 8: Katrina Dean
Early Modern Science Archives in the British Library (British Library, London)

12.20–12.40 Presentation 9: Marta Vaculinova
Digitisation in the National Museum Library (National Museum Library, Prague)

12.40–1.00 Presentation 10: Jill Bepler
Herzog August Bibliothek: Holdings and Projects (Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel)

1.00–2.00 Lunch (Seminar Room 9)

Session III: Discussions [Seminar Room 8]

2.00–2.20 Presentation: Neil Jefferies
CofK System Architecture and Data Model

a) Sharing Standards and Interoperability

2.20–3.30 Roundtable Discussion
– Metadata Standards
– System Compatibility and Sharing Interfaces
– Legal and Copyright Questions

3.30–4.00 Tea, Coffee, and Biscuits (Seminar Room 9)

b) Long-Term Preservation, Sustainability, and Future Development

4.00–5.15 Roundtable Discussion
– Flexibility and Scalability
– Longevity and Sustainability
– Opportunities for Collaborative Work

Session IV: Networking [Central Oxford]

5.30–7.00 Drinks Reception (Divinity School, Bodleian Library)

7.00–8.00 Public Lecture: William Poole, ‘Oxford and the Royal Society in the Seventeenth Century’ (Museum of the History of Science)

8.15–10.30 Workshop Dinner: Jamie’s Italian (George Street)

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