Digital Round Tables » 2009

Establishing the Cultures of Knowledge Metadata Model

Date: 10 July 2009
Venue: St Anne’s College, University of Oxford


Discussing the data model

CKCC (The Hague) presents

Our very first round table enabled members of the core Cultures of Knowledge team and existing collaborators to discuss and refine our own data model and the overall structure of the union catalogue.



Session I: Introductions

9.00–9.15 Welcome: Rationale and Participant Introductions

9.15–9.45 Overview of Oxford DAMS architecture and key objectives of the union catalogue (Systems and e-Research Service)

9.45–10.45 Brief overview of existing metadata models:

a) Original ‘Cultures of Knowledge’ model (Philip Beeley)
b) Adapted ‘Cultures of Knowledge’ model (Neil Jefferies)
c) Electronic Enlightenment model (Robert V. McNamee)

10.45–11.00 Tea, Coffee, and Pastries

Session II: Database Structure for Union Catalogue

11.00–12.30 ‘Person’: Discussion/agreement of data model

12.30–1.30 Lunch

1.30–2.00 Circulation of Knowledge: Reconstructing the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic of Letters (Martin Bossenbroek, Koninklijke Bibliotheek)

2.00–3.30 ‘Work’: Discussion/agreement of data model

3.30–4.00 Tea, Coffee, and Biscuits

4.00–5.30 ‘Physical Manifestation’: Discussion/agreement of data model

5.30–6.00 Recapitulation and Summary

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